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Trained by Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon, your users expect a relevant, on-brand search experience that just works. Effective search is ingrained in our daily lives, driving every interaction. Are you investing in this key asset on your website, or relying on an inferior search experience?

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Upgrade the user experience with ease

As many as 40% of your website visitors are likely using the search bar on your site. If your default search doesn’t surface the right result, visitors will inundate your phone lines -- or, more likely, look for answers with your competitors. Answers hidden on social media, documentation sites, or staff directories are effectively invisible if they aren’t in your search results. Are you leaving as much as 40% of your site traffic in the dark with mediocre search?

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your default search, Funnelback doesn’t require a team of developers or weeks of complicated implementation. Leading analysts recognized Funnelback as the quickest to deploy of all enterprise-grade site search solutions. With artificial intelligence at the core and a dedicated team of passionate search experts, Funnelback is the smart solution that just works.

Smart ranking starts with machine learning

Funnelback’s machine learning technology uses 70 ranking factors that automatically tweak the underlying search algorithm based on your content and interactions with your users. As a result, Funnelback search “just works”. If your situation requires additional customization, the platform makes it easy with our admin dashboard. Promote specific results or content, or tweak the tuning altogether by utilizing our tunable rankings feature in the admin dashboard. Together, these under-the-hood powers help make your search solution a key business solution.

Funnelback's proactive approach to search analyzes the user’s current and past interactions, customer and data insights, and the relationship between the user’s query and available information sources. With minimal interaction, the user is presented with highly contextualized, recommended content or digital services.

Boring site search no more

Remember the ten blue links on a plain white page when you searched the web in 2001? Search has changed. Amazon has filters and images; travel sites have prices; even the minimalist design at Google has autocomplete and related links. Has your site kept up?

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Solutions for every industry

You may not have a “buy now” button, but your key objectives are as clear as any ecommerce site: recruit students, retain members, enable new accounts, empower customer self-service. Originally built as a university-government collaboration, Funnelback thrives in content-rich environments beyond the buy-it-now button. Surfacing rich, relevant content in search results is critical to exceeding your key objectives. Our clients agree, with sectors including higher education, government, associations, financial services and healthcare building longstanding relationships with our team.

The flexible Funnelback site search platform solves your UX challenges. Good user experience can increase business-critical KPIs by up to 83%. And studies have found up to 225% growth simply by providing the right information at the right time to site visitors with site search.

The Funnelback platform is highly flexible and performative out of the box, making it an ideal fit with or without an industry-specific template.

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Why choose Funnelback?

Better searchBetter support

A more purposeful and proactive search experience

15 years of hands-on experience. We understand your challenges

Seamless digital experiences by removing content barriers

Custom built secure cloud hosting, with no data sent offshore

Minimize the technical complexity

A range of developer tools, integration options, customizable API’s and flexible workflows

A customized implementation or a pre-configured industry product? You decide

A dedicated 24x7 global help desk

A data driven search strategy with Funnelbacks Insights and Auditing suite

An active online community of enthusiastic users


Funnelback is dedicated to a high standard of security, compliance, and integrity. We build our technology to keep our customer’s data safe.


Search with confidence, knowing that Funnelback’s web crawlers, indexing architecture, and connectors are built to adhere to the strictest user permissions.

Translucent results give your content visibility only to users that have permission. Internal and external documents can be found in one search, with visibility that changes depending on granular permissions you set.


Administrators have complete control over search security. It’s up to you what data is indexed, who has access, what reporting and auditing tools are being used by your team.

Information technology pros

There’s nothing more important than protecting your data. Funnelback meets all requirements for ISO 27001.