Are your programs pages hidden?

Mythbusting Research from mStoner confirms that finding information about majors and programs is the #1 reason a prospective student visits your website.

Too often, confusing IA or siloed catalog information is hidden, takes too long to access, and results in a frustrating user experience.

A program finder is a tool designed to help higher education web and admission teams put students first with a tool that makes it easy to search for and browse programs, majors, and courses. Built on best practices of UX, program finders are shown to increase conversion rates to the application, increase time on program pages, and give insight into program health.

Empower your students with easy access to the best of what your institution has to offer.

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Put your programs first

Funnelback’s Program Finder is the only out-of-the-box program finder that is built on the proprietary search algorithm that has been serving higher education for over 15 years.

  • Out-the-box template that’s quick to deploy
  • Best of breed search and navigation user experience
  • No data migration required, utilize your existing program and course content repository.
  • Call to actions leverage your high-value programs and courses.
  • Cater for spelling mistakes, slang terminology, pluralities and more.
  • Search Analytics included so you can track user behavior, notice trends and improve over time

Program Finder Screen

"With digital experiences being more important than ever, we heard customers from around the world utilizing programs finders to drive application volume by showcasing programs that they offer, highlighting the diversity of delivery methods."

- Gioan Tran, Product Manager