An Insight Engine to drive business transformation

Surface more than raw data. With transformative real-time insights, Funnelback Marketing Dashboard delivers the tools to create better, more personalized user experiences and the strategic insights to drive conversions.

Identify opportunities for engagement and use intuitive built-in solutions to expose the right content at the right time.

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Tool kit

  • Search Analytics

  • Accessibility Auditor

  • Content Auditor

  • SEO Auditor

Accessibility Auditor

Put your customers’ needs first with accessible digital content. More than just an obligation, complying with accessibility guidelines can provide substantial financial returns and drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Achieving and maintaining WCAG accessibility compliance is no easy feat without a sophisticated auditor and exhaustive knowledge of your digital properties.

Funnelback Accessibility Auditor provides quick-fix tools and advice and mobilizes content creator/owners to achieve ongoing accessibility compliance. Accessibility Auditor contains 111 unique WCAG 2.0 checks and is presented through a refined user experience that focuses on accessibility impacts and priorities. The completely automated reporting system takes the guesswork out of strategy and helps the team to make powerful refinements to digital content with ease.

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Content Auditor

Funnelback Content Auditor provides intelligent, automated digital content governance for complete peace of mind.

Content Auditor is highly flexible, providing users with the ability to create custom checks as required. Built-in auditors include:

  • Incorrect branding or images
  • Reading grade
  • Common misspellings or phrases
  • Pages that have exact duplicate titles
  • Identify metadata fields without a valid entry
  • Grammatical inconsistencies or errors
  • The time in which a page takes to load
  • Date modified
  • Duplicate content
  • Long link text
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SEO Auditor

Search Engine Optimization for on-site search is an important tool in your website strategy tool kit. Funnelback SEO Auditor ranks your site content and identifies reasons for ranking positions, as well as providing best practice SEO techniques for improving individual URL's.

The easy-to-use interface takes the guesswork out of search rankings, providing practical assistance to both SEO experts and novices alike.


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