Flexible. Secure. Easy to deploy.

Funnelback for Finance is an integrated search solution laser-focused on financial services. Spend more time building your digital influence and less time hunting for information with pre-configured search experiences exclusively designed for the financial services sector.

Funnelback for Finance is built for rapid, straightforward deployment. Easily configurable out of the box, the extensible architecture can be fine-tuned to meet any marketing and IT needs.

Local insurance providers, global banks, wealth advisors and credit unions rely on Funnelback for Finance. Over a decade of direct experience in the sector makes Funnelback uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the financial services community.

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Engage, onboard and deepen customer relationships

Funnelback for Finance will boost client satisfaction while targeting client needs to deliver smarter, more personalized responses without extensive customizations, including branch locations and hours, products, promotions and services.


"Funnelback allows us to see clearly what we need to do next and we’re working with Funnelback to fine tune our search and get the customers the results they’re looking for first time round. The improved search efficiency not only translates into a better intranet experience for our staff, but also into real business benefits for the organization."

Dan Foster, Legal & General

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Secure and productive out of the box

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Full-spectrum Marketing Dashboard to track it all

Take full control of site search with the Funnelback analytics and audit suite included with Funnelback for Finance.

With the Marketing Dashboard, develop and track sophisticated marketing efforts and tie your work to specific KPIs. Surface opportunities for engagement with intuitive built-in solutions to expose the right content at the right time.

These are marketing insights like you’ve never seen them. Transformative real-time insights deliver the strategy and tools to create better, more personalized user experiences that drive conversion.

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