A unique solution for Associations

Funnelback for Associations is the website search solution laser-focused on membership organizations and associations. Easy to integrate with your existing CMS and other digital content, Funnelback for Associations features pre-configured components designed and built exclusively for associations.

Associations face unique digital challenges. Across the organization, competing factors vie for attention.

Internal silos. Multi-layered offerings. Secure members-only content. Overwhelming multi-channel content. And demanding website visitors.

Funnelback for Associations boosts member satisfaction by delivering smarter, more personalized search results without requiring extensive customization. Integrate your search results with secure content, promotions, social media, videos and more.

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Engage, onboard and deepen your member relationships today.

Key features

Flexible. Secure. Easy to implement.

To have an immediate impact on the member experience, Funnelback for Associations is built for rapid, straightforward deployment. Funnelback for Associations helps you to build community and influence by more effectively reaching members.

Engage, onboard and deepen member relationships with personalized search results optimized for associations. Provide a search experience across members-only content (even if it’s gated), events, journals, news, publications, media, jobs, courses, policies, and more. Easily configurable out of the box, Funnelback for Associations is built with extensible architecture to fine-tune for marketing and IT needs.

Over a decade of direct experience in the sector makes Funnelback uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the membership and associations sector. Build trust and loyalty out of the box with Funnelback for Associations.

“Search has, to some extent, become an invisible-- yet powerful -- driver of positive user experience rather than a last resort or worse, an inhibitor.” - Neil Kohl,  ACP

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Are your members and prospects surfacing the content they need with ease? Or are they overwhelmed by the resources you strive to make available? Is your search experience leaving them in the dark?

Accelerate mobile productivity

Mobile-first search means that you’re never without access to critical data. Experience the quality of mobile search your users have come to expect from Netflix to Amazon.

Website search is the first interaction many users have with your organization. Make it count.

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Proactively identify member needs to deliver more personalized advice

Funnelback for Associations provides a tailored member experience from the first touch, with sophisticated tools built on robust Funnelback search. Elevate your members in their field by effortlessly surfacing and organizing your latest events, research, training, resources (including videos or podcasts), news and more.

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Optimize the search experience

Ready to build customer satisfaction and grow membership? Funnelback for Associations offers a seamless transition between browsing and searching. With search results optimized for your association, members find exactly what they need without ever feeling overwhelmed by your content.


Extend campaigns site-wide

Your campaigns run across your digital properties, websites, at events and elsewhere. Why do they end with search, often one of the key points of entry for members? With Funnelback curator, elevate particular messages, promotions or results within your search page. Each can be tailored to the visitor’s need based on factors from physical location to previous searches, to ensure that the result is highly optimized and exactly what you need to make the sale.

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Your digital concierge

Funnelback Concierge is a sophisticated next-generation auto-completion functionality. If you’ve shopped on Amazon, you know that auto-complete must suggest terms with a robust understanding of content possibilities. Funnelback concierge looks to multiple sources to ensure that your members receive a response that reflects their needs, from event locations to member directories, ebooks and online courses.


Full-spectrum marketing dashboards track it all

Develop and track sophisticated marketing efforts and tie your work to specific KPIs through the Marketing Dashboard.

A computer screen showing the marketing dashboard

American College of Physicians - A case study

American College of Physicians Association is a diverse community of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists united by a commitment to excellence.

Switching from a Google Product to Funnelback, The America College of Physicians found a more robust search platform delivered functionality beyond basic search to drive member satisfaction and empowered the ACP team to have greater control of the search experience.

“Search has, to some extent, become an invisible-- yet powerful -- driver of positive user experience rather than a last resort or worse, an inhibitor.” - Neil Kohl,  ACP