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Digital accessibility is about making the internet and its content universally usable to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, device in use, or ability.

But web accessibility doesn't only impact impaired users. It has far-reaching effects on your website as a whole. Showing that you care about users who may be impaired goes beyond fulfilling your legal obligations; it shows that you care for your users on the whole.

The advantages to creating and maintaining accessible content mean organizations can not afford to ignore digital accessibility best practice. Knowing where to start could be the hardest step.

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  • Reduce financial impacts

  • Comply with legislation

  • Apply best practice

  • Improve social impacts

Funnelback Accessibility Auditor

Take the guesswork out of achieving accessibility compliance. Check hundreds of thousands of web pages instantaneously for on the spot reporting, and access all the information you need to effect meaningful change across your online presence.

Funnelback Accessibility Auditor will expedite your journey to compliance.

  • ‘Understands’ WCAG 2.0 standards so you don’t have to,
  • Crawls hundreds of thousands of web pages instantaneously,
  • Contains 111 unique checks for accessibility strictly adhering the WCAG 2.0 specification, spotting failures and potential failures up to AAA level,
  • Provides on-demand reports that can be carved up and distributed amongst teams,
  • Highlights failures right within your source code, and
  • Provides the ability to check pages not yet live.
  • Incorporates a sophisticated acknowledgement system that allows users to focus on their priorities while ignoring issues which may not be applicable.
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