Because relationships matter

We’ve reimagined enterprise search around relationships, not abstract, disconnected data points and silos. Make people your information architecture with Funnelback Enterprise Search.

When was that sale completed? Who knows the most about this project? Where is the policy on expenses? Who reports to John? When we can’t find an answer, we often turn to a colleague at the water cooler or pick up the phone.

What if your search solution understood what your team is really looking for? Build on the relationships that already exist at the workplace with Funnelback Enterprise Search. This truly is search as you’ve never seen it.

A single source for crucial business insight

Trained by Google and Amazon, users expect immediate access to everything from wherever they are. Cut across internal silos to surface the right answer at the right time with Funnelback Enterprise Search.

Access finance data within the CRM, team projects within a staff directory, or HR policies buried in a custom database. Empower your team, unify information silos across the enterprise and surface the right answer every time with Funnelback Enterprise Search.

To get the most from information assets, employees must be able to access, share and reuse information efficiently and effectively. Funnelback delivers secure, powerful and highly configurable search to your team, providing an elegant single view of content no matter where it lives, leading to faster, more informed decision-making.

Search-Powered Features

Connectors to enable collaboration

Funnelback Enterprise Search connects to a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, cloud or shared drives, document management systems, email systems, SharePoint and databases.

From a single source of truth to hundreds of siloed repositories with sophisticated permissions data, Funnelback Enterprise Search unites your data to surface exactly what your users need across the enterprise. With over a decade of global experience with enterprises large and small, Funnelback is uniquely suited to meet your needs.

Powerful. Flexible. Secure.

The security of your data is not negotiable. Access restrictions, secure hosting, regulatory compliance and other security considerations are core to Funnelback Enterprise Search.

On-premises hosting is available as an alternative to Funnelback secure hosting. Whether locally hosted or on our trusted data centers, your corporate data is secure.

Looking for permissions-based content restrictions (document-level security)? Connect Funnelback Enterprise Search to Active Directory or legacy document-level access control systems. Search results will reflect only content to which the individual user has access.

Knowledge as a Service with Knowledge Graph

Funnelback is on a mission to bring graph-based Knowledge as a Service to your organization. Bring the once-hidden context behind the data into full view. Deliver the insights modern information workers require to make decisions based on all available information.

  • Full-Spectrum Context
  • Role-Based Relevance
  • Visible Connections
  • 360º Knowledge Platform
  • Relationship Mapping

Embed contextual insight seamlessly with results that pivot around an anchor point to provide the entire context such that information is linked, categorised and displayed in a way that supports discovery and insight. The result? Each interaction is more productive than ever before. An information architecture with Funnelback at the core empowers your users to easily engage your content with confidence.

Say goodbye to siloed data and guesswork. Funnelback’s 360º knowledge platform gives users a robust framework from which to work, adding situational context to a list of results and enabling intelligent decision making.

Efficient. Flexible. Intelligent.

Funnelback’s Enterprise Search technology is built on a powerful platform that is capable of indexing an unlimited number of documents, handing query loads, and managing complex query types.

Ranking is based on 70+ factors, with machine learning that automatically tailors the algorithm to your site, surfacing the most relevant content every time. Funnelback’s self-learning capabilities do the heavy lifting for you, giving your employees access to the secure information they need.

Utilize our built-in best practices templates, or kickstart your own search interfaces with Funnelback's smart defaults. Then capitalize on open standards like JSON and XML for interoperability.

Out-of-the-box Funnelback Stencils provide pre-built, easily tailored solutions for rapid and cost-effective deployment of search. Commonly used Stencils include social media content ingestion, geo-spatial search (maps), and product promotion.


A growing list of built-in search features and tools are available for enterprise search deployment.

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