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Funnelback delivers fast, smart and powerful search. Our platform is technology agnostic and unobtrusive, meaning that we can quickly deploy clever search features backed by meaningful insights that will keep you connected with your customers.

Our suite of Audit tools will smooth out your journey to great search by offering a comprehensive view of your content and guiding you through how to improve that content and your search experience in general.

We also deploy flexible, pre designed Packaged Solutions for Higher Education, Digital Workplaces and Financial Institutions, ensuring greater security and minimising costs. If your needs are more complex, our experienced consultants will guide you from start to finish.

You'll be supported all the way with our specialist teams of implementers and support engineers, as well as be able to 'self serve' in the Funnelback Community.

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Power, efficiency, flexibility

Connecting people is important, and connecting people with information is crucial to your business. Quick and dependable decision making relies on individuals ability to access the right information as quickly as possible. Without the big picture, less than optimal decisions can easily be made, costing you time and ultimately, money.

Unite intranets, databases, custom applications, CRM's, social media and more, into a single search with Funnelback and make sure no one skips a beat.

We'll hand you the keys so that you can configure features in response to your business requirements, and arm you with the tools to know how to respond to any search problem. Best of all, we'll back you up with our team of experts who can give you advice, solve problems, or get their hands dirty for you should the need arise.

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Insights and Auditing

As an analyst recognised Insights Engine, search is the platform that underpins everything we do, but it’s not the only thing we are good at.

Analytics are a great start, and Funnelback can provide you with search specific insights that will help you understand exactly what your user's need and where your content is falling short of their expectations. To go beyond search and provide insights into content though, we’ve leveraged the platform to create a suite of tools to streamline compliance, optimize your content and transform it into it’s most relevant and user friendly incarnation.

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