Make your impact heard

Donors. Volunteers. Members. Recipients. Think of the information each of these groups most need to find on your website. If they use search, are they surfacing the most critical content? Or is your search experience leaving them in the dark?

Website search is the first interaction many users have with your organization. Make it count.

Guide your users

Unite your content and improve the user experience

Website visitors are trained by the most common sites to look to search. From ecommerce to social media, it has become a reflex on the web. Are you taking advantage?

You invest in great content, from video to social media, events, advice and blogs. Funnelback site search ensures that the most relevant results from any source are accessible from anywhere on your website. A flexible search interface even matches your brand and active campaigns, delivering the modern web experience that users expect.

The improved search efficiency not only translates into a better intranet experience for our staff, but also into real business benefits for the organization.

Kerry Blackadar Macmillan Cancer Support

Guide the user journey

You’re already on a budget. If users are able to find the content they need without personal assistance from your team, users are happier and your team can shift their focus from customer service to increasing your impact. Everyone wins.

Streamline the user journey with Funnelback search. Implement intelligent auto-suggestion and auto-complete features to guide those searching for help and narrow overbroad queries. Configure your search to point toward the latest fundraising campaign and drive donations, or integrate social media and e-commerce listings into your search results to provide a holistic overview for your users.

Powered by a machine learning algorithm based on over 70+ ranking factors, Funnelback ensures that your results are the most relevant to each user. From the marketing dashboard, your team gets the insights to prove marketing ROI and drive content strategy.

Far more than a search engine, Funnelback is an information architecture problem solver.