Capitalize on your content

Feel like you are dealing with what seems like an endless stream of news, events, products, blogs and forums? Through a combination of organic and strategic faceting options, Funnelback empowers users navigating this ocean of information and helps them find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

Keep your audience glued to your site by ensuring they never run out of options.  With Funnelback, you can dynamically serve related suggestions to enhance their journey, intelligently connecting them to the most applicable event, relevant news and pertinent publications.

A one-stop shop for your content online, allow your users to browse the depths of your archives as intuitively and easily as they do with your latest additions.

Get the most out of your content

A more insightful search experience

With so much content to sift through, why let your users navigate blindly?

Presenting content best suited to individuals as quickly as possible requires a deeper understanding of the user than can be provided by traditional search analytics.

Funnelbacks Predictive Segmentation functionality does not just provide search results based on an entire audiences generalised analytics. By narrowing in on crucial individual insights such as location, organization and individual user behaviour, Predictive Segmentation will provide targeted and appealing content suggestions.

Stay in control of your content

A devolved authoring environment means that it is easier than ever to lose control over the quality of the content uploaded to your website.

Funnelback’s Understand suite of tools helps you stay in control, by providing your content managers with complete visibility over the quality and structure of your digital content, highlighting everything from broken links and internal SEO ranking information, through to insight into areas that require further improvement.

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Trusted to perform

Through our work with some of the world’s largest publishers, Funnelback understands the delicate balancing act of promoting brand new and breaking news content with the exposure of archived content.

Your customers expect your content to be available on demand and they need it to be relevant and considered. Funnelback will work within your business model to ensure you achieve the best result for them and for your organization.