Increase Accuracy & Improve Efficiency

Empowering you to be more efficient, more informed and make smarter decisions; Funnelback connects your information repositories, from EDRMs, and emails, to shared drives and current case notes, making this knowledge accessible through a single interface, regardless of file formats or location.

Implementing a combination of intelligent filters, contextual navigation and entity recognition, Funnelback can seamlessly extract and serve only the most relevant and accurate results, meaning that you gather a greater understanding of your information assets and lower the cost of the time consuming manual review process.

Your industry is sensitive and time critical

Create Structure & Context

When searching an archive of files that could include anything from personal emails through to formal legislative documents, a user traditionally has to be able to understand and adapt their language and phrasing accordingly in order to ensure that their query returns the precise results they seek.

Funnelback helps to simplify this process and bridge the gap between ambiguous search terms and relevant results through contextual navigation. Dynamically extracting context from your documents, contextual navigation ensures that users will be guided to the content they seek, intelligently displaying the most relevant results, even if a search query is only a partial match.

Transform your Content into Actionable Information

Save time searching by extracting valuable information previously locked inside your data and create results grouped by entity-focussed fields. Funnelback’s sophisticated ‘Entity Recognition’ feature identifies and extracts information, such as people, places and organizations from within your data, allowing for results to be grouped and filtered dynamically.

Using this powerful feature, you can transform your data and content archive into actionable information, grouping and mapping unstructured elements which both aids findability as well as crucially highlighting common patterns, allowing you to quickly and easily spot themes, repetitive references and pertinent fields.

Trusted to Perform

Funnelback understands the challenges and needs of law firms operating in the digital age and is proud to count independent law firms through to multinational organizations as clients. Whether consumer focused or making your employees more efficient, Funnelback can help you make more informed and intelligent decisions, by unlocking content archives and connecting information to individuals faster than ever before.