A trusted digital concierge

Only 5% of customers feel that their bank provides the proactive service they expect, according to a recent Accenture study. Existing and prospective customers demand readily-accessible information throughout your site. Cater to your audience’s actual needs with Funnelback.

When an answer isn’t immediately evident, the search bar is often your customers’ first point of engagement. A well-crafted search platform serves as a trusted advisor. Funnelback guides users directly to an answer, ensuring higher customer satisfaction, conversion and retention. Personalized search results optimized for financial services include branch locations and hours, compliance services, products, promotions and services.

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Funnelback for Finance

Funnelback for Finance is laser focused on the financial services sector. Years of work with commercial banks, investment funds, multinationals and independent operators have refined our finance expertise. We know how consumers and business clients make banking decisions. Building on your existing digital investments and the flexibility of Funnelback search, Funnelback for Finance optimizes client services to expand business operations, gain sophisticated client insight, and drive higher revenues across the firm.

With Funnelback’s trademark functionality, regulatory compliance, and flexibility, Funnelback for Finance efficiently streamlines silos while reinforcing data security.

With built-in optimizations for financial services, grow the business and reduce cost of delivery with transformative Funnelback for Finance.

Create a better banking experience

Targeted and personalized promotions

Elevate promotions, messages, self-service tools or other results with Funnelback Curator.

Combined with existing data points like location and past searches, Funnelback Curator creates highly relevant promoted results targeting customers for upsell, to reduce churn or to convert. From branch locations targeted to nearby searchers, to a repayment calculator for the visitor who searched interest rates on their last visit, the potential to wow your visitor and grow revenue is endless.

It sounded easy – when we went to try it ourselves, we were overwhelmed by the architectural and technical complexity needed to achieve our goals. Outsourced search was our best alternative.

Jeffrey, BOQ Representative

Secure Enterprise Search to empower your employees

Funnelback is also a powerful, intelligent Enterprise Search solution. Help your team surface internal information assets and upskill your workforce with the secure, robust Funnelback search platform.

Bridge data silos, securely integrating CRM, diverse databases, external market sources, email and intranet files while respecting user rights and restrictions.

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